Corporate / SME Loans

We keep your Business Rolling. Give Your Business a Stronger Platform to grow. Whatever be the size of your business we have the Banking solution to suit your needs.

 Borrower may be Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or any other type of constituent permissible under the law, subject to compliance of the relevant formalities and on fulfilment of the Bank’s eligibility criteria and other loan specific terms and conditions. 


Export Finance, Manufacturing, Trade, Building & Construction, Tourism, Hotels & Restaurants, Agriculture, Energy, Telecommunications, Service sector etc. 

Type of Facility: 

 The Bank meets the borrower’s financial requirements through Fund-Based (FB) or by way of Non-Fund Based (NFB) facilities.  Fund Based credit facilities are extended by way of Overdraft, Demand Loan, Term Loan, Import Finance Pre-shipment, Post-shipment and Bills Purchase/Discounting facilities etc.  Non-Funded facilities are extended by way of Letter of Credit, Guarantees, Co- Acceptance (Bill Avalisation) etc. 


Other information:

Lending to borrowers is secured or unsecured. ‘Security’ means tangible security charged to the Bank and will not include intangible securities like guarantees, comfort letters etc. However, lending against Bank Guarantee, Stand by Letter of Credit, Letter of Comfort of Prime Banks.  

 The Charge on the Security offered, depending on the nature of security, is created by way of Pledge, Debenture Charge, Legal Charge, Assignment etc, subject to registration with competent authorities wherever mandatory under the law.  

 Bank finances under Multiple Banking Arrangement (MBA) subject to the strict compliance of the laid down conditions and norms in view of the inherent risks involved. Under MBA Bank can enter into agreement on risk / security sharing basis with other Bank / Financial Institution willing to enter into such Agreement.   

  Bank can also finance under a Consortium arrangement whereby one Bank acts as a leader for the purpose of assessment of limits, documentation, creation of charge etc., on mutually acceptable terms and conditions.  

   Lending is a continuous activity in the Bank with due focus on identification, measurement, monitoring & control of credit risk.  


  • Simple applications process
  • Quick approvals
  • Attractive Rate of Interest
  • Zero processing Charges
  • Easy terms


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