Fixed Deposits

A Fixed Deposit is a saving instrument where you put a lump sum amount for a fixed period of time and earn a higher rate of interest. On maturity you earn the principal invested along with the interest, which you can always reinvest. It is an excellent tool to make your money grow earning fixed rate of interest.

One of the best benefits of recurring deposit is that it helps with goal based savings. Regular monthly installments earn interest and work towards building a corpus for the short term. Installments can be planned so that a required corpus is built up for use in the future.

Features / BenefitsFixed Deposit AccountRecurring Deposit Account

Who can open?


  • Individuals, Minors, NRIs and Associations (as per guidelines of bank)
Min Amt.Kes 50,000/-Kes 500 and in multiples of Kes100
What you get
  • Earn attractive interest on your money.
  • Deposits can be in KES, USD, GBP
  • Minimum tenor of Deposit is 30 Days
  • Maximum tenor is 05 years
  • Auto Renewal facility is available.
  • Loans available against FDs


  • Earn attractive interest on your money.
  • Create a habit of saving regularly.
  • The monthly installments on RD accounts especially, encourage new investors to set aside money throughout the year.
  • The tenure on our RD accounts can range from 6 months to 60 months.
  •  There is no upper limit on the amount of money you can invest in recurring deposit schemes.